Stage Show, Rhône Alpes

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  - Counselling 
  - Content Development
  - Development &
    prototyping of masks
    & equipment
  - Ideas, shows- & event-
    concepts, scripts
  - Playback production
  - Video production
  - Stage, Set: design/       
  - Lighting, video, audio:
    concept and techniques
  - SFX&special constructions
  - Performer & technicians
    search & castings Belgium,
    Germany, France
  - Trainings, rehearsals
  - Special events
  - Long term show
  - Show quality control

WALIBI Rhône Alpes & WALIBI Sud-Ouest

For the French Walibi parks, STAGEMARK produced shows which were similar yet presented on outdoor stages of differing sizes. Two bands, the park mascot Walibi and his jealous brother, present their music as part of a live television recording.  The audience decides the winner. The stage show has been a big success and won a worldwide show award in November 2011

The show has a presenter and a judge - the owner of the TV station - who works interactively with the live feed. The audience soon realise that the comic figure out of the WALIBI universe, known by everyone from the 3-D film shown in the park cinema, reacts in realtime! It interacts loudly and directly with the visitors, who suddenly also appear on the big LED screen on stage. To make the comic figure hear, see and react directly to the audience, stagemark developed and used a system of augmented reality+ . The result is a big surprise and pure fun.

As in all Walibi productions, newly developed masks and costumes come into play; masks and costumes that allow for acrobatics. These are made good use of: breakdance, parcour  elements, daring jumps, somersaults. Putting them all together in the presentation of the great music results in a never before seen and exciting mix.