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  - Counselling 
  - Content Development
  - Development &
    prototyping of masks
    & equipment
  - Ideas, shows- & event-
    concepts, scripts
  - Playback production
  - Video production
  - Stage, Set: design/   
  - Lighting, video, audio
    concept and techniques
  - SFX&special constructions
  - Performer & technicians
    search & castings Belgium,
    Germany, France
  - Trainings, rehearsals
  - Special events
  - Long term show
  - Show quality control


The bands of two dissimilar brothers, Walibi (the mascot) and Squad, compete against each other in The Music Battle (Main Show), the all decisive competition to crown the kings of the music business. The action takes place in a unique world inhabited by animals and fabulous creatures. 

In order to win, unfair tactics are used and thus the plot development involves dynamical and very physical moments. The implementation of acrobatics in character shows has been achieved through the use of newly developed masks and costumes that allow for dynamic acrobatic movements.

Further, top notch musicians and the extraordinary visual dimensions of the production added to the user experience. Complex set design, lighting, and incredible video projections supported the thrilling events on stage in the park's large theatre. On their adventurous ways through their strange world the real performers on stage were transformed for short periods into the characters in fantastic video-worlds. This was realised via movable, stage-high, screens which when placed together reached an impressive total screen size of 15*6 m.

On the side of the performers, a multitalented team fascinated the audience with their display of physical acting, fresh youthful acrobatics of the finest order, interaction, and enthusiasm. The story is told simultaneously in two languages to cope with the linguistic requirements of the Belgium park.