Show Operation Management

In most of our productions we are the employers of the performers, who are employed within the scope of social security contributions. Our clients are freed from any employer obligations.

We take care of all administrative aspects such as work permits, registration and deregistration in various countries, the contractual grounds and termination of employment contracts the finalisation of insurance, and wage accounting. If necessary during the run of show, we also take care of the replacement of performers due to sickness, injury or other reasons.

Monitoring and quality control of the productions are very important parts of our work. Using methods like secret shopping and by exchange with our clients we are permanently aware of show quality. From time to time we refresh the show by means of additional rehearsals.

We organise the work with our clients via a trusted system of supervision, on site and centralised management. Our stage captains, who are in charge of the artists' disposition, are in permanent contact with us.