Crazy Action Stunt Show

    Halloween Show


          Effects & Stunts




- Ideas, show concepts,    
- Audio concept
  soundtrack and playback
  title song in co-operation
  with a prominent artist 
  (Park CD)
- Stage-, SFX- elements and 
  special constructions:   
  design & construction
- Costumes & Props: design
- Staging: direction, stunt


-  Search, casting,
   contracting  of actors,
   stunt performers,
-  Stunts, acting, warm ups: 
   trainings, rehearsals &
-  Team-building -care
-  Long-term show operation
-  Show quality control,
   refresh rehearsals




STAGEMARK created one of the main attractions in the park - the Crazy Action Stuntshow.

A storyline full of surprises, massive integrated effects, breathtaking stunts, funny interaction, and the right amount of comedy performed on one of the biggest outdoor stages in Germany in front of large audiences of up to 3,000.

Film stunts always lose something and make less of an impression when performed in a live situation. When STAGEMARK took over the new production of the stunt show with some of the effects and stage constructions still available, the main task was to create a harmonious leitmotif, which allowed for the integration of a given number of large effects and stunts. The recipe for success: The story plays out on two levels. A stunt film is being filmed, which, for a short time, allows for a firework of action and incredible stunts. The original synchronous voices of Bruce Willis and Angelina Jolie are used throughout the show; this allows for the delivery of a authentic film atmosphere. After the director calls Cut!,  the situation of the characters comes to the fore, filled with funny details, cliches, and surprises. The unbearable and conceited Filmdiva, who keeps on at the director until he fires her. The director replaces her with an actress from the audience and instructs her to take over the simple parts. At the finale, there is a massive spectacle ....

The show won second place in the Parkscout Awards in 2007.

STAGEMARK also created and operated the indoor Halloween stage show Don`t Trust Till Dawn and a variety of street-entertaiment pieces.