Park Opening

           Jack Stone Shows

        Castle Dragon

         Johnny Thunder Shows



  - Development of
    environments, characters
    & storylines based on
    LEGO toys
  - Ideas, Scripts
  - Stage design &
    construction (5 stages)
  - Puppet design &
  - Soundtracks, playbacks
  - SFX design/construction
  - Music composition&prod.
    (title song "Jack Stone" /
    sold as CD in the park)
  - Show staging
  - Performer castings,
    contracting, admin.
  - Trainings, rehearsals
  - Show performances
  - Show quality control



STAGEMARK developed several productions for both LEGOLAND Billund / Denmark and Günzburg / Germany.

Already at the opening of the German park in 2002, STAGEMARK helped steer the central theme running through the park's events and realised various parts of the full programme. Since then, the company has created a variety of branded children's and family shows.

The foundation for success was predominantly storylines, which STAGEMARK developed specifically around the fine age structures of the LEGO fans and their parents. STAGEMARK brought LEGO toys, figures, and the central brand idea to life. In accordance with the different target groups among the children of all age ranges and their accompanying parents, a wide range of productions were produced over the years:

  • - A show for the young ones, concerned with social rolls, about an  unusual princess, a knight, a king, and a dragon.
  • - The adventures of Johnny Thunder - Indiana Jones in services with LEGO (continuation stories e.g., in the Indian jungle and at  the Pyramids)
  • - Large shows, full of effects, in the Science Cluster of the Park, about Jack Stone, the McGyver of the brand, who has to fight against villians amid impressive scenery. The villains set the  water on fire and the hero only wins by coming up with new  solutions and functions by trying new fantastical combinations  with individual pieces (the central LEGO idea).

STAGEMARK designed and constructed the presentation areas, scenery, and stage sets for the shows in each of the park clusters.