First place
IAAPA 2011 Awards
Live Entertainment Excellence




-  STAGEMARK production wins top prize in world-wide
   entertainment award
   Award: IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Entertainment Excellence.
   Project: "Rockstars-The Battle".
   Client: Walibi Rhone-Alpes
   Category: Production Costs $700,000 - $1 Million.

-  Augmented reality+  bringing comic characters to life in stage

   In 2011 STAGEMARK realised shows using and developping motion
   capturing technologies. "Augmented reality+" enables live actors to lend
   his voice to, and easily steer the movement and the mimics of a comic
   character visible on a LED screen. The screen character interacts live
   and realtime with the audience.

-  New benchmark for character- and mascot-play

   STAGEMARK develops masks for live entertainment productions that
   open up new possibilities for the performance of mascots and 
   Lightness, increased visibility and ventilation expand the spectrum of
   possible character activities. Nearly every conceivable stage activity
   can now be implemented (including acrobatics) in character-driven
   shows and -important for theme parks- not just once a day, but in
   continuous operation.